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Gabriel Montuani

Gabriel Montuani is a professional Brazilian jiu jitsu instructor from São Paulo, Brazil. His love for sports began as a child, and he participated in soccer, handball, and other sports.


At the age of 14, Montuani began training jiu jitsu with Mauricio / Carveoira in the AOA Team. In 2009, Montuani began training with Marcelo Nunes of the Zenith BJJ team. In 2010, he earned his blue belt from Nunes. After Nunes moved to the United States, Montuani continued training with Professor Mário Almeida.


Montuani began teaching jiu jitsu as a blue belt, and has more than a decade of experience instructing in Brazil, as well as in Italy. Throughout his colored belts, he won multiple medals in high-level competitions, and competed in many events including:

  • Brazilian Nationals
  • IBJJF European Championship
  • IBJJF Pan-American Championship
  • CBJJE Pan Championship
  • FPJJ Championship
  • Other competitions by the state of São Paulo

In 2019, he was awarded his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Mário Almeida and William Polizel, under Zenith BJJ team leader and world champion Robert Drysdale. He is a certified black belt in the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation and Confederation of Brazilian Jiu JItsu.


Montuani has completed specialized training in working with athletes with autism:

  • Certificate in Martial Arts and Autism
  • Certificate in Neuropsychology and Sport with Psychomotor Education in Autism 

Montuani is a guest instructor at Zenith BJJ affiliate Mat Life Training Center in Florida. He is also developing the Jiu Jitsu Mundo Azul Project for children and adolescents with autism.

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